HU210 Weltanschauung Assignment

I just whipped up a little Weltanschauung (world view) assignment for my Humanities class in a half hour. It turned out to be half-way decent (particularly the last few sentences)…. IMO.

Here it is:

As life speeds onward, the struggle of differences between us attempts to pulls us down with every move we might make or every word that rolls off of our tongues. More and more often people render themselves useless against the power of the ‘rush rush’ society we live in and simply “have no time” to admire the beauty of the human being. Each and every person in this world is different, and how could you deny this fact? We are all products of our experiences, the conventions or norms of our society, and most importantly the language in which we use to objectify the world around us.

My perception of the world has changed drastically over the past few years. I’m the kind of person who will stand amongst thousands of people and simply watch them follow the path they have chosen and speculate on the cause-effect relationship of that situation. I’m a people watcher; an analyst of the human race. But aren’t we all?

My perception of the world lies in the notion that, alright, since we are all different, don’t we have that in common? Don’t we have each other to learn from, to help out, to deal with? People these days are so DAMN caught up in themselves, their money, their stuff. To summarize; when I meet someone new, no matter what I think or what my initial thoughts are on sight or even after talking with them, I hold the viewpoint that whatever those judgements or notions may be specifically about this person, they are still a person, a human being, and those evaluations of which I’m using to distinguish this human from the next are based on the attempt of language to objectify certain emotions, stereotypes, positives/negatives, etcetera, through words, which are infinitely subjective. Realize this, and realize everything.


~ by xmartyxcorex on September 10, 2008.

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