Maze, Fire, The Shining.

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Last night I had a dream, as per usual.  But this dream was unlike my other dreams.  I’ll try to remember the best that I can, which is almost impossible to do, most certainly with dreams.  I just woke up so as I type I’ll slowly be forgetting as well.

1.) A gang of three or four younger kids make their way into an attic on Halloween.  I’m with them, but they are all at least 10-15 years younger than me.  Nonetheless, I fit right in as if we’d been friends forever.  The leader of our pack resembles the little boy from the shining (thin, shiny, straight hair, maybe 8 years old) and the other’s are even younger (maybe around 6 years old).  

2.) We hang out in the attic every night I think.  Typically we bring flashlights with us, but this time, the batteries were dead.  Instead, we brought one of those heavy duty lights with the little cage around the bulb that plugs into the wall.  For some reason, I recall being scared shitless. 

3.) We are all gathered close in the attic, and the shiny haired boy tells us he has an idea for the light, so that we don’t have to constantly hold onto it. I remember a shot of the light, like a close up and a zooom out to the entire room at the thought of disaster.  I kept thinking to myself, “God, this place is about to go up in flames…. and all of these little kids are going down with it.”

4.)  The boy places a cardboard box halfway up the stairs and places the light in the box (for some reason this was a solution to whatever problem it was that we were having).  The younger boy with glasses explains, “Jerry’s (shiny haired boy) going out first looks like, after that it’s all in the hands of fate.”

5.) THE DREAM switches (or at least, what happened after that is unclear).

6.) I’m now running around in MAZE. Maze is a nickname for a neighborhood near my house.  It’s been coined the name due to it’s hosting abilities for driving around and smoking pot.  I seem to have timed everything perfectly.  As I reach a stop sign, a car (black sable) pulls up and I attempt to hop in, but for some reason I can’t seem to manage.

7.) I watch the car roll away, it’s dark now, and I can see the headlights through some bushes about one hundred yards away.  I rush through to the car, and once again, realize it’s still haloween.  The car is parked, the crew (3 guys) gets out now their staring at this trapdoor near the edge of the forest from a distance.  I look at them, silence, their faces are greenish white.  

8.) Once we reach the door/hole in the ground, the living room light from the nearest house flicks on.  Three bodies stand in the window, all we can see are the whites of their teeth.  They’ve been watching us somehow. I suddenly get premonitions of cameras all over the woods, all over town in fact. The guys scatter, but what happens next is unclear.

9.) I’m sitting in a room watching a video about god knows what.  The room is white and plastic.  If i recall correctly, there was one orange block, and one blue block on the screen.  The blue block was multiplying, almost liquifying and hovering around this blue block who sat there like a suspect being interrogated.  Next to me, watching, was Emily Redding (for those who don’t know, an old friend).  As I sit there wondering what the hell it is I’m doing in this room, I see the ‘bodies in the window’ appear, and I finally realize… I’m back in the attic.


HU210 Weltanschauung Assignment

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I just whipped up a little Weltanschauung (world view) assignment for my Humanities class in a half hour. It turned out to be half-way decent (particularly the last few sentences)…. IMO.

Here it is:

As life speeds onward, the struggle of differences between us attempts to pulls us down with every move we might make or every word that rolls off of our tongues. More and more often people render themselves useless against the power of the ‘rush rush’ society we live in and simply “have no time” to admire the beauty of the human being. Each and every person in this world is different, and how could you deny this fact? We are all products of our experiences, the conventions or norms of our society, and most importantly the language in which we use to objectify the world around us.

My perception of the world has changed drastically over the past few years. I’m the kind of person who will stand amongst thousands of people and simply watch them follow the path they have chosen and speculate on the cause-effect relationship of that situation. I’m a people watcher; an analyst of the human race. But aren’t we all?

My perception of the world lies in the notion that, alright, since we are all different, don’t we have that in common? Don’t we have each other to learn from, to help out, to deal with? People these days are so DAMN caught up in themselves, their money, their stuff. To summarize; when I meet someone new, no matter what I think or what my initial thoughts are on sight or even after talking with them, I hold the viewpoint that whatever those judgements or notions may be specifically about this person, they are still a person, a human being, and those evaluations of which I’m using to distinguish this human from the next are based on the attempt of language to objectify certain emotions, stereotypes, positives/negatives, etcetera, through words, which are infinitely subjective. Realize this, and realize everything.